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Intentional Metalsmithing

Check out details of the six modules inside Intentional Metalsmithing. You can purchase Foundations (includes Modules 1, 2, & 4), or the full course.

Module 1: Bezels Expanded

After Alchemy of Soldering, this module dives deeper into the beautiful layered bezels that are a signature of Susan's work. Using Decorative wire and sterling silver, you'll create unique layered pieces. The projects in this module include: a five-stone ring and a hanging crystal point.


Module 2: Forging and Building with Wire

This is another foundational module where Susan teaches you safety in forging wire on an anvil as well as drawing a bead and making a nailhead. You practice these techniques by making a series of bangles.


Module 3: Caging an Object

Not every treasure fits in a bezel. This module is for those of us who have stones and precious talismans we'd like to see from all angles. The projects in this module include caging a geode, creating a ladder-style adjustable ringband, and creating a cage component. (This module is part of the full course.)


Module 4: Links & Attachments

You know you need this module! Susan shows you links and ways to create attachments and movement in your pieces. She also goes over closures like french hooks and toggles.  (This module is part of the full course.)


Module 5: The Hollow Form

Susan uses hollow forms in everything from rings to earrings and all shapes and sizes. The prayer box is probably one of her favorite components. (This module is part of the full course.)


Module 6: Scrap & Finishing

When you're creating sterling silver jewelry, you end up with lots of scraps. In this module, you get great ideas on using scrap for unique bezels and ringbands. Susan also teaches you melting scrap down to create and mount granulation on the sides of hollow forms as well as use in shot plates. Lots of ways to finish your projects. (This module is part of the full course.)



Students will be invited to monthly live Q&A calls with Susan for the rest of 2022. Calls will take place inside our private FB group.

Can't pick just one? Maybe you need the full course.

Intentional Metalsmithing is Susan's signature course. It is based on all the techniques she's taught in person for years. All six modules build upon each other and by the end, you will feel confident and be selling your work and making back your investment. If you'd like to purchase the full course for $997, click below.

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