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+ Starts May 21st +Ā 

This is a call to all artists, jewelers, creators, and inventors who are ready for a very unusual, powerful, and profound experience to refresh, remove creative blocks, realign yourself, gain clarity and bring change into your personal, life and business.


Unfolding + Creativity Membership

Unfolding is a monthly creativity membership for jewelry designers. Inside this amazing community you'll get monthly intermediate techniques, meditations, and creativity exercises. Unlock your creativity and raise your vibration in this beautiful membership. New for April- movement exercises!Ā 

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Intentional Metalsmithing

Intentional Metalsmithing is Susan's signature online course. Over six modules, you'll have a front-row seat to watch Susan teachĀ her philosophy onĀ metalsmithing and all her favorite techniques. Suitable for all levels of experience. Click below for more info!

More info here!

Alchemy of Soldering

This free class is an introduction to Susan's techniques for creating bezels in sterling silver. She has held nothing back and created this comprehensive video course using torch soldering to create a bezel. It's a wonderful preparation for other classes with Susan. Click the image below to view the course.

A right-brained approach to metalsmithing?

Many people who start learning silversmithing or goldsmithing get turned off by all the rigidity in courses. Susan is a trained artist so she comes to silversmithing with all the thoughtfulness of an artist.Ā She teaches an intentional approach to your bench. If you've been feeling stuck, this is the place for you!Ā Ā 

Stop thinking about it and start making jewelry!

In Susan's courses, you'll have a front-row seat to watch her process and be able to follow along on your own. Lifetime access means you can watch again and again! With this course, you'll be creating silver jewelry you can start selling right away. So you can make back your investmentĀ in a pretty short amount of time.

Most important of all!

Tell your story in your jewelry. This is a place for you to grow your style. Susan shows up every month live for her students to answer questions and encourage you.Ā 

The Path to Success for the Artist

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