a creativity membership designed to break through artist block and give you the tools to do your most authentic work

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This isn't just another jewelry-making class. This is doing work as your authentic self.


The practices taught inside Unfolding are specifically created to break through blocks and give you the tools to show up regularly and do work that is important to you.

Part of the job of an artist is to download information from the universe and present it physically. When you use the Unfolding tools of meditation, creative movement and working inside a talisman word, you easily drop into flow (which is the best feeling ever!) and build work that contributes to the world.

"To connect with creativity through technique to unlock your inner self is a unique opportunity & one which I have felt has really helped me grow &Ā believe in myself as an artist. I love the group support &Ā building on each month in an expanding way."

-Emma S.

"In Unfolding I've found that I need to trust my instincts more and just go with them. You encourage us to think creativity and try to take what you offer and expand on it.  It's a great way to build community and get to know other jewelers." 

-Nan M.
You want to create and share art that inspires, empowers, and celebrates the beauty of the universe. Art that is meaningful and powerful.


But you find yourself stuck, doubting yourself, scared to show your work, and feeling way behind other artists you see on Instagram.


That's where Unfolding comes in.

Never feel blocked again. Whether you make jewelry, paint, sew or something else entirely, I've got you covered with timeless exercises based on the science of breathwork and decades of experience as an artist.

People ask me every day, "Susan, how do I stand out as an artist so I can make a living doing what I love?"


This creativity membership helps you do that and so much more.

It took me years and years and a lot of trial and error to design this Unfolding framework. I've poured my heart and soul into this membership.

One of the keys to success is being part of a group working monthly in a talisman word. I have worked with groups for many years and seen first-hand how a group setting affects an individual. Working within each monthly talisman word helps a person go inward and move in a new direction. Being in this space of an intention for a month creates a shift in our lives.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes

Artists Make

Not showing up in the studio on a regular basis.

If you don't have a regular creative practice, you won't develop the habits you need to succeed. You also will have a hard time evolving your style.

Unable to get out of the analytical brain.

Fear and doubt keep us trapped in our left brains, when we have to work from our right brain to create art. Switching from left-brain tasks to right-brain tasks takes up energy that could be used to create our authentic work.

Getting stuck in the comparison trap.

Scrolling Instagram, we see artists showing their best selves and projecting confidence. Everyone is at a different stage of their career, but we compare ourselves to them. We get stuck and feel that we will never catch up.



I've spent 20 years teaching and mentoring jewelry artists in doing their sacred personal work both in person and in online programs.
In that time, I've worked with thousands of students and have been lucky enough to mentor many of them to make a living from their work.
I've travelled the world and used my experiences to inform my own spiritual practices and designs. I've sold collections to high-end stores, exhibited in museums, created and sold a manufactured product, and been published in many fashion magazines.
As fashion changes and the economy becomes more volatile, it's natural to be afraid of what's to come and whether you're able to thrive as an artist. I move past fear using time-tested meditations and breathing exercises that help me to drop into flow whenever I need to.
I am a certified Kundalini yoga instructor as well as a jewelry designer and I've learned that caring for my mind, spirit and body is just as important as showing up to do your authentic work.
Artists have been asking me for something like this for years. Until now, spiritual practice and making jewelry have not been taught together in this way.
I created the Unfolding creativity membership to work inside a group operating within monthly talisman intentions with videos and exercises that anyone can do, anywhere, and at any time.
Can you imagine what would happen if you could drop into flow and do your personal sacred work fearlessly?
The Unfolding creativity membership is a library of tools and the power of a group for artists.

Come join the Unfolding Community!


"Unfolding is about growing your sense of self, finding your voice, strengthening your wellbeing....it's exploring your creativity through Susan's holistic approach that focuses on looking inward to grow outward. Making beautiful things just happens when the self is cared for."

- Trish G.


"Do this! It's life changing! I have gained so much self-confidence with this group!"

-Cherylann M.


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