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Unfolding Creativity Membership

Join us for a creativity program for jewelry designers to do their personal sacred work.

Unlock your creativity and raise your vibration in this beautiful membership. I invite you to come join our Talisman!

Inside each month you'll receive access to:

  • an intermediate silversmithing technique video
  • a meditation audio track following the monthly theme
  • Kriyas and mantra videos to support the monthly theme
  • creativity exercises
  • yoga routines
  • monthly live calls and access to the replays 
  • Access to our private Unfolding Facebook group

For the next 7 months, we will deep dive as a group into our chakras and how we can transform in each of these areas of our lives. 

Monthly Membership $25 USD

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Please note: This is a membership not a course. You will be billed $25 every month to retain access to the program. When you decide to cancel your membership, you will lose access to the program. If you are using the coupon code to have your first month free, please make a note in your calendar that you will be charged 30 days later. If you have any questions, please contact the team at [email protected]

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If you'd like to read the Unfolding Membership Terms of Use policy which you must accept to join, please click here https://learn.jewelsofthenomad.com/unfoldingterms 

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What People Are Saying:

I love the zoom meetings but also the videos for meditation and yoga. Each talisman brings its own special qualities and purposes. They all seem to come exactly when I need them! I think my favorite yoga was I believe last month when Susan did all of the chakras breath, work and movement through kundalini. Getting to be with a group of like-minded women and share ideas is just wonderful.

Dawn P.

Do this! It's life changing! I have gained so much self-confidence with this group!

Cherylann M.

It really is an illuminating program. To connect with creativity through technique to unlock your inner self is a unique opportunity, and one which I have felt has really helped me grow and believe in myself as an artist. I love the group support and building on each month in an expanding way.

Emma S.

I've gained new insights into the creative process - preparing mind and body to work. If you are into a more holistic approach to working - connecting mind, body and soul, then this is the program for you!

Kat M.

I really like the holistic approach that Susan takes with the program. It's so much more than a monthly project....it makes "me" my project. Lol. I find the energy work really helpful within my own life...especially, for example, at three in the morning when an overactive brain keeps me from sleeping, and I can just reach for a meditation to respond to that. Of course I love the monthly surprise when the project is revealed, but it's much more than that.

Trish G.

In Unfolding I've found that I need to trust my instincts more and just go with them. You encourage us to think creativity and try to take what you offer and expand on it. It's a great way to build community and get to know other jewelers.

Nan M.

I love the techniques because they bring me a lot in terms of simplicity of connections and work on metal, now I'm experimenting and my fear is gone. I also love the videos to develop the business which are very relevant to put ideas back with meaning and follow your path and the kriyas because they give me inner freedom to follow my ideas to the end. I love the sense of community, being around so many like minded women is so empowering.

Melissa C.

I have learned that there is more to making jewelry than just technique. It helps you to take a deeper look inside yourself which allows you to tap into that well of creativity inside of us all. I am so happy I joined this group.

Cathy V.