Get out of the box! Embrace your own unique style and create work that doesn't look like anyone else. 

As a jewelry maker, I know you struggle every day with the confidence to put out work that people recognize. You wish they would say "oh I know who made that!"

Maybe you aren't sure if your pieces are good enough to sell.

Wish for a class where you could be yourself and make the work you love?

It doesn't have to be a struggle!

I'm Susan Lenart and I believe a piece of jewelry is more than just a beautiful accessory and more than the sum of its parts.

In the past 30 years growing as an artist, I have travelled to Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, East Africa, Australia, Indonesia, France, and Croatia observing both nature and history.

I visited small villages and marveled at being able to witness their ancient traditions. I found that history, art, tradition and culture can not help but to be a big influence on adornment.

Culture becomes embedded into this medium through every stitched or stamped symbol in fabric and every carved and engraved mark in metal.

"I took my first workshop with Susan at a Beadfest Oakland CA in 2007. I was brand new to Jewelry making at the time and knew next to nothing. I'm thrilled to be a student of hers. Susan is such an inspiration and one of the most generous artist I know. I look forward to improving my skills and growing as an artist through her mentoring."

- Sherry Dunnihoo

My journey to developing my voice in adornment has taken many twists and turns. After art school, I began collecting handmade traditional clothing, costumes, and jewelry. I spent two years repairing ethnographic jewelry. 

I’ve learned that the root of ancient adornment is storytelling. In these pieces, you can see their hopes, fears, and desires. Folk tales, music and dance directly influenced the shapes of jewelry. I witnessed beautiful cultural dances incorporating magnificent costumes and layers of jewelry moving and chiming with each drumbeat.

My pieces reflect my personal history. They involve lots of movement, sound, and energies from gemstones, rubbed into fibers, or inscribed inside my hollow forms.

If you can be authentic in your work, you'll always find someone to buy your pieces.

" Thank you for sharing your artful journey and soldering expertise so that we can learn the skills to enhance the path of our own artful journey. Thank you for mentoring in a kind, relaxing and encouraging way to build confidence. Thank you for reminding us that when we make a mistake, it's really an opportunity to grow as an artist and utilize it in our piece as a mark of beauty."

- Julie Pike

I've taught workshops all over the world for years and I've met so many students who felt stifled by other classes. I teach an intentional approach to metalsmithing using your breath and taking care of your body as you work.

I know many people can't take the time or pay thousands of dollars to travel to one of my workshops, so, in 2019, I developed and filmed my signature course.

In Intentional Metalsmithing, you'll be encouraged to design work from your heart, celebrate mistakes, and go crazy! There are no rules around what objects you can use in your work. One of my first big pieces involved items from a poker game, another incorporated pencil stubs, each piece was a story from my life.

"It’s been a few months since I completed Susan’s course. What I’ve taken from this experience is not only more consistent success in my approach to soldering challenging pieces, but most important, a deeper connection to my own story that I want to tell as a metalsmith.  I have the clarity of my own voice that I was seeking."

- Christina Fowler-Thias

I've taken six major techniques to teach inside Intentional Metalsmithing. These techniques are in all of my work. I also use a simple, portable torch soldering station that you can set up for under $300.

Limiting myself to this set of tools has opened the door to my creativity! I would love to show you how to use a butane torch and tools that fit inside a bag to create amazing personal jewelry out of sterling silver.

I LOVE teaching. I LOVE working with new metalsmiths. I hold nothing back when I teach. In our monthly calls, you can ask me anything. I believe we all rise when we help each other and the community of students has shown incredible insights and have gone on to show their work in galleries and even be published!

The Intentional Metalsmithing FB community is a wonderful, safe space for new metalsmiths as well as more seasoned ones. I hope you'll join us!

"Susan is a wonderful teacher and so generous with her vast unending knowledge and enthusiasm. Really no judgement just learning at my own pace. If I make a mistake, I can incorporate it into the piece or start over. I think the transformation is about me. I've learned not to be so hard on myself and to breathe. While I still think of myself as a beginner, I'm far more confident in my skills and figuring things out. IM has got me out of the fear that I had in the past and pretty much to delight in the imperfections not just in my work but in myself! "

- Samuella Ramsey

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Six Technique Modules

The six technique modules will build on each other as you create more advanced pieces. Even if you are a beginner- the first module will get you creating pieces you can sell right away!

Assemble Your Personal Talismans

You can bezel or cage anything! What important pieces of your story do you want to set in silver? Talisman jewelry is my passion.

Live Q&A Calls

BONUS! I will be LIVE each month for the rest of 2021 in our private Facebook group for Q&A. You won't have to worry- your questions will be answered by your new BFFs in the group and me.

"My experience during this course has been spectacular. I started my silversmithing journey when I started this course. I cannot believe how quickly I have learned the techniques and how much I have improved upon my own work in the short time I have been enrolled in this course. Susan's videos make it easy to learn. Her positivity and the encouragement from the other students keeps me motivated. "

Kendra Brockmann


Learn torch soldering with sterling silver from the comfort of your own studio.


Intentional Metalsmithing contains six modules of video training.

MODULE 1: Bezels Expanded
Building with filigree bezel wire, creating pieces with multiple bezels, and adding layers of decorative wire to create truly unique pieces.

MODULE 2: Forging & Building With Wire
Learn Susan's signature forging wire techniques for bezel settings and bangle bracelets.

MODULE 3: Caging An Object
Some objects don't work well in a bezel. In this module, Susan shows you caging techniques.

MODULE 4: Links, Attachments & Assembly
Susan shows you a handful of types of connecting links. These techniques are great for all types of jewelry- earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

MODULE 5: Hollow Form
Creating hollow form jewelry and prayer boxes.  Bonus- learn Susan's signature industrial surface techniques. 

MODULE 6: Attachments, Scrap & Finishing
This module is about assembly and the final stages of soldering a complex piece. Susan also shows her amazing scrap bezel technique.

Want a sneak peek inside the six modules?

Click on over to the module trailers on our playlist so you can get a good look at the projects you'll be making with techniques in each module! Just be warned... you're gonna want them all!

Frequently Asked Questions

All levels will benefit! Beginners will practice their new soldering skills and learn best practices in the studio. Seasoned metalsmiths will refine their skills and spend time developing their own voice in their work. (If you are a beginner- watch Alchemy of Soldering first. It will be in your course portal.)

There is 1-2 hours of video content in each module. Susan recommends spending one month on each module and getting into your studio 2-3 times per week when possible so that you will REALLY see an evolution in your work. You will also be invited to live Q&A with Susan every month.

There will be a tools and supplies list posted for each module but everything will be doable with a simple soldering station you can set up for under $300 (depending on your location). If you took Susan's free Alchemy of Soldering course, the Nomadic Metalsmith's Guide includes all the tools you need. Supplies will depend on your style. You can get by with s/s sheets and 1/4" s/s bezel wire. Decorative wire like filigree will help you create your own layered style like Susan's. Check out the guide for more info. Email [email protected] if you need a copy.

This course is ready as soon as you finish your purchase! This is self-study so all the modules will be available immediately. Registration is currently closed but will reopen late in the year. Join the waitlist by clicking HERE.

We are excited to offer a 6-payment plan for the full course. You can pay in full for $997 or pay in 6 monthly payments of $175. When you're considering your investment, think about how many pieces of jewelry you need to sell to make it back? Due to the high quality of our materials, you'll be ready to sell your work in the very first module!

Lifetime access means you will have access to this online course for as long as Susan is offering online courses.  If Susan decides to retire the course in a few years, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to download the videos. We will be sure you get a TON of value for your investment!

You can purchase Foundations which includes modules 1, 2, & 4 or the full course. 

"What a breath of fresh air! You break this whole mysterious soldering beast down to as simple as it can be! And...... without the huge financial commitment we’ve all been lead to believe. We don’t have to buy every new tool and gadget that comes along! Thank you! Thank you! I so want to learn more from you, especially in design! "

- Janie Miller


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